I can safely say that this past year was pretty hard for everyone.

Being bored was a minor very real problem we were all facing.
We were all stuck inside, getting older with less and less things to do.
Yeah, we could play video games or watch Netflix, but after a while, they become something we do not for the pleasure of it but to pass the time in between meals.
You could call your friends, but again, there is not much to say while we are all quarantined.

So what if i told you that you could go on…

Note: this article was written back in September, upon schools’ openings.

With freshmen arriving at universities around the world and some of them in hopes of joining the wonders of computer science and programming, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce students to the must haves of a software developer. Afterall, software development jobs are still in high demand and it makes total sense to consider this career for yourself.

Obviously, you can also pursue a self taught career. In that case, don’t worry, this article was also made for you!

So let’s break down the basic skills you need…

Getting your first job in IT can be a quite nerve wracking experience: interviews (nowadays, too many Zoom interviews), trying to convince the interviewer that you’re capable of applying all that college knowledge into practice without sounding too confident, looking excited but not desperate…it’s quite an experience!

Even when you make it to the company, it can be challenging to fit right away in a new environment. But worry not, because today we’re talking about what companies are looking for in Junior Developers. And although we can’t speak for every single one of them, we’re positive this might be helpful.

Lockdown and social distancing are already stressful to the common human being. But what about those with children? By the end of the day you’re exhausted from your remote work but parenting is a full time job as well. You have to come up with fun activities, new games and learn every Disney’s Frozen song, but wouldn’t it be cool if you could share your interests with your kids? …

You’ll be able to find horror stories about burnout a google search away. Unfortunately, it’s something that affects professionals across all types of industries and software development is not an exception. And certain parts of software development really take the prize on this one, such as startup engineering, game development and open source, which are incredibly prone to burn out.

Burn out weakens you physically and emotionally, to the point where you don’t feel like yourself anymore. It’s the new age Dementor, sucking all of the joy out of your soul. The cause is usually related to long-term and unresolvable…

Although there are a lot of remote work fans, working from home can be lonely. For some, their office hours are an opportunity to escape the crazy environment of a household full of kids and be productive without any sort of distractions. For others, being at the office is an opportunity as good as any other to socialize and even have fun.

In our case, some Exauders really appreciate their office time and enjoy daily group activities. We’re very fond of our ping pong matches, FIFA tournaments and even Pizza Day. …

In the last couple of months, I’ve been seeing this type of post on LinkedIn over and over again:

‘Which one do you prefer: home office VS company office?’

The answers are quite diverse, with home office winning the gold in most cases, but always followed by exceptions that prefer to actually work at the company’s office.

Even at Exaud we have mixed feelings regarding remote work and office work. …

Losing motivation is frustrating. It’s frustrating for the person who has lost it as it is for the ones dealing with them.

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding it, blaming laziness or settling, and making it hard for people to sympathize with the ones going through this work disengagement and unproductivity. It’s easy to assume their discontent can be easily brushed off, that it’s all about sucking it up and dealing with it.However, there’s a lot of underlying reasons why people lose their willpower in the workplace. Leaders play a special role in helping their team fight these work blues by understanding where everything went wrong and how they can get their sparkle back. …

Being able to have, and efficiently use a home office has long been a pipe dream for those of us who dread the commute and all other antics, be it to spend more time with family, to self-manage your hours or just because one just feels better at home. COVID-19 forced the concept on everyone at once. And how does the saying go?

Never meet your heroes;
Too much of anything is good for nothing;
Better the devil you know…

Never mind.
Truth is we had to shift our paradigm, and mostly we were not prepared. This article won’t tell you exactly what, or go in too much detail about how to prepare. A silver bullet for being productive while still happy at home? There isn’t one. It highly depends on your line of work, whom you communicate with to get things done, or how your productivity is perceived by your peers (who also happen to be remote).

I present instead a not-so-exhaustive…


Exaud is an established software development company with expertise in key areas such as Embedded Systems and Applications, Mobile Application Development, Wear

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